RB-DOORS (Rav-Bariach (08) Industries ltd) was founded in Israel in 1973 and with the developments of the RB-DOORS unique multi-bolt locking system, the strength and durability of the steel entry door and the designs, the world of security entrance doors and locks in Israel was transformed.

RB-LOCKS, the lock products division of the company specializes in development and production of high-quality locks, cylinders, mechanical and electro-mechanical lock mechanism, electronic locking products, metal handles, hardware and integrated locking solutions.

The company’s two modern production facilities are in Israel and produce a broad range of residential, industrial and high defense security products.

The LOCXIS technology platform

LOCXIS patented technology is one of the most advanced high security cylinder platform sin the world, based on integrating a variety of unique key and cylinder combinations and different pin configurations, giving you the highest protection.

The unique LOCXIS technology permits many possible combinations, enabling the creation of products with a high security level. The LOCXIS platform can be applied on European profile cylinders, oval cylinders, RIM, mortise, etc.


RB LOCXIS cylinders are protected against the most common invasion method by snapping the cylinder. RB LOCXIS cylinders have a slot that is intentionally designed to break away if excessive force is applied during tampering the cylinder.

After breaking, the locking mechanism cannot be reached, and the authorized key may continue to operate the snapped cylinder.

Anti-drill pins

All telescopic pins are made of stainless steel providing long life durability and superior drilling residence.

The anti-drill pins are strategically positioned to increase the resistance against drilling and burglary. Each combination chamber is sealed with a metric screw, providing flexibility in rekeying and the master systems built.

Patent protected “do not copy” key system

RB’s patent protected key system is based on a combination of different types of unique key and cylinder active pin configurations, complaint with toughest international standards, and designed for the highest level of security. The technology is patented protected until 2030.

A unique duplication card is supplied with each cylinder and this card is strictly controls the duplication of keys.

Active pins

The LOCXIS key’s active pins combine 1 or 2 rows of external pins, internal pins, springs, stainless steel rolling balls for an advanced range of combinations to achieve the most advanced security level.

Lock service on the spot

Cylinder exchange

Regarding the Mul-T-Lock, Superlock and Turul entrance doors, mostly the cylinders need to be exchanged. Please contact our customer service, we are happy to serve you.

We also exchange and install RB high security cylinders in any kind of entry doors. It doesn’t matter if you have a Chinese, PVC, or regular wooden door, we do the job for you and install/replace the cylinders. Our service cars are equipped with all sizes of RB cylinders.

After contacting our call center, we try to arrange the requested service within the shortest period of time.

In case if you locked yourself out

If you locked yourself out of the flat, contact us immediately!

We open the door easily and smoothly for you. In this case the door and the lock will remain unharmed. We guarantee it!

If you experience any door problems, or you need door adjustments, call us!

In the case of any kind of lock problem please feel free to contact us!

We are at your disposal between 8.00 am and 8.00 pm every day.

Customer service mobile number: 06-70-770-2942